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Loobyfrog Logo

Author: LogoYeah Posted On: 10. November 2011 01:30 In: Logo Portfolio

is a digital agency providing personalised web technology solutions. Team is dynamic, funny and expert in communication and public relations




Author: LogoYeah Posted On: 21. October 2011 01:29 In: Logo Portfolio

the name is broken down to mean “DFW” is the Dallas/Fort Worth area. SN is sports network. Dallas and Texas uses red, white, and blue with stars examples look



Innovative themes publishing Logo

Author: LogoYeah Posted On: 21. October 2011 01:26 In: Logo Portfolio

The company is a innovative themes magazine publishing company that produces quality well focused niche publications a modern new style urban focused company,



Jardin Musical Web

Author: LogoYeah Posted On: 21. September 2011 23:02 In: Web Design

Jardin is a school that does not teach, but transmits music! their web site really want to convey the passion for music at all surfers. clean and simple style



Del Gringo Bravo Logo

Author: LogoYeah Posted On: 21. September 2011 20:00 In: Logo Portfolio

it is a logo-tattoo for a "Dogo Argentine dogs" lover. the drawing takes idea from his dog



Sam and Steven Logo

Author: LogoYeah Posted On: 7. September 2011 21:16 In: Logo Portfolio

Sam & Steven is a independent Texas Beer Brewing Company based in Dallas, Texas. The company’s name comes from two of the most legendary Texans and US Figures Sam Houston, and Steven F. Austin both have cities named after them i.e. Houston, Texas and Austin, Texas. The aim of the company is to produce quality tasting truly American, Texan Independent tasting beer. The logo designed should be a logo both creative text and icon and the design must be in mind that this is a beer product so the logo should be accommodative to a label and printed materials. The logo should take into effect the heritage and independence of Texas. Also the logo should be some what authentic using tones from the Texas heritage, and southwest and Midwest style.




512 Logo

Author: LogoYeah Posted On: 7. September 2011 21:13 In: Logo Portfolio

512 is a video site and think one thing: “This is a newspaper?” Client would like to give it a hip modern look and cool feel, also incorporate the numbers in the logo and make unique. 512 the area code for Austin.



Seatown Magazine Logo

Author: LogoYeah Posted On: 7. September 2011 20:58 In: Logo Portfolio

Seatown is a magazine talk about life, style, news, food and night about Seattle City



Prietalinda Logo FOR SALE

Author: LogoYeah Posted On: 7. September 2011 20:32 In: Logos in Stock

The company is a women’s fashion boutique store and fashion house focused on young Mexican women. Most of the articles for sale are clothing and accessories: Night life dresses, jewelry, belts, purses, hats... etc. The store will be named Prietalinda its a nick name, means beautiful or pretty tanned girl.



El Sueno Logo

Author: LogoYeah Posted On: 25. July 2011 01:39 In: Logo Portfolio

El Sueno is a dance school and mean the dream. the letters E and S are the initials of the two women founders the dance school.